What does FBCC Do?

Opening/Closing Business
Apply for a business name registeration including application licenses
Sole proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation (Inc. Ltd. Corp)
Closing process including liquidation, appraisal of inventory and any conflicts with lease problem.

Licence, Permit
Apply for government licences and permits: Liquor Licence, CPP, Insurance, Trade Mark, Trading Name

Contract, Agreement
Check and create agreement or contract between parties; landlord and tenant, contractor and client, and business or private parties

Job Matching
Connect Job seeker under work permit or permanent residence application with company who can sponsor.

Credit Management
Credit Card Application; Mortgage and Loan; Evaluating your current credit situation with a trained credit counselor; Building a payment plan; and Negotiating with the creditors or credit Bureau, if it becomes necessary.


What Staffs are Doing?

FBCC will provide consulting and assisting to prepare required documents, and submitting the application on time.

  • Business Open/Close/

    Business name, Business contents, Owner's Information, Date of closing, Lease agreement, Inventory
  • Agreement/Contract/

    License holder, Purpose of application, Content of contract, Requirement, Condition
  • Jop Matching

    Cover letter and Resume including where applicant want to work, Do not have any disqualification or criminal record.
  • Credit Management

    Credit card, mortgage, Loan application, The content of conflict, Contract, Credit problem, Source of debt

Want to Work in Canada?

This procedure is conducted in conjunction with local companies for those who wants work in Canada for working or permanent residency, and this recruitment is based on a Canadian working permit or permanent residence application. After entering Canada, you can start working right away with a legitimate visa as opposed to struggling for a long time and effort to find a job.
In addition, work permit visa and permanent resident visa procedures are conducted through qualified immigration lawyers and consultants licensed by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council and Law Society of Ontario.