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We work with you and our lenders so that you get your approval as fast as possible. Information is the key - the more we have about you, the better we can work with our lenders. We will be guiding you with what we'll need promptly so that you get the key to your new home, quicker.

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We do the thinking and assessment for you, so that you can focus on what's important. We will hold you by the hand, and guide you what's needed and by when.

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Is this your first time buying and confused on how to go by? Do you have a record on your credit and worried if that'll affect you? Those with low credits or records on their credit still deserve a chance. Let us work with you to find the best mortgage that fits you.

House, Town house, Condo Mortgage

Fixed rate mortgage

Allows you to lock into an interest rate and it will remain the same throughout your mortgage terms.
Because it is locked, you know exactly how much you are paying for your interest, and how much you may owe at the end of your term.

Variable rate mortgage

Is a flexible plan that follows the prime rate (and additional rate, if applicable) throughout your term.
During the time, the prime rate can go up or down but your monthly payment stays the same; when the interest rate goes down, more of your payment goes towards your principal, while when the interest rate goes up, more of your payment goes toward your interest payment.

Which is better?

Whether you wish to go for a fixed rate or variable rate depends on you and your comfort level with the risk and their expectation whether the rate will increase or decrease over the mortgage term.

Variable rates are good if you are confident that average of the interest rate would be stable or smaller than the fixed rate over the term; while fixed rate are good if you think the interest rate will increase over the term and want to lock in the currently-low rate now.

Some people like the comfort of stability of fixed rate, while some like the money saving opportunities it comes with variable rates and ability to pay off your principal balance whenever you want without any pre-payment penalty.

Commercial Mortgage

A commercial mortgage is for business and commercial property – retail plazas, strip malls, shopping centres, multi-unit residential, office buildings and more. Some industries are not eligible for certain mortgage programs and may require a separate route of application, such as hotels, restaurants, schools, and places of worship.

A Commercial Mortgage Is Commonly Used For:
Businesses investing in income-producing real estate properties greater than $500,000,
Financing multi-residential (minimum 7 rental units), industrial, office or retail property, or
Financing properties that are readily marketable and located in an active resale and rental market

Eligibility Requirements:
Mortgages require a current appraisal (AACI qualified, bank approved appraiser), a passing Environmental report (Phase I ESA), and may require a Building Condition Report; and
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) requests, if required, must comply with CMHC guidelines

Great opportunities call for a quick response. Get a speedy approval when it’s time to finance a property by providing all of your financial information in advance. This includes things such as amounts available in cash, RRSP or non-registered investments, stock and bond portfolios, and equity in other real estate.

To purchase a building finance up to 75% of the property’s appraised value.
To refinance : we’ll provide competitive interest rates, terms and conditions.
To access equity : activate your existing equity for personal or investment use.
To expand on your real estate diversify your holdings and maximize income potential.
To invest in capital improvements that will increase the value of your existing properties and potential net worth.

How TPMS Works for you?

On every aspect of your sitution,
That's why There is TP Mortgage Services #

When you apply a commercial mortgage, your Business Plan will be required.

TPMS will help you.

Business Loan

Business loans can be your solution.IF,
Are you thinking of starting a business but need to buy equipment?
Are you eager to start but is slowed down by the lack of funding to kickstart?
Or do you have an emergency in your business that needs to be taken care of urgently?

Makes you money
Loans can be used to finance up to 100% of asset acquisition costs; this will free up your company's working capital, which can then be used as an additional investment in your business to increase profitability.

Smoothes out cash flow
Your loan can be amortized over a period of time to suit your cash flow, resulting in manageable payments. We will work with you to tailor the principal repayment schedule to meet your cash flow needs.

Quick Approval
Once we receive your completed application and supporting documentation, you'll usually get a credit decision by the next business day.

Saves you time
Once the loan is approved and set up, funds are available when you need them.

Flexible Options
Select a variable or fixed-rate loan or a combination of a loan and a line of credit. You can also choose a secured or unsecured option, with funds in either Canadian or U.S. dollars. A variable rate loan can be repaid at any time without penalty.

How TPMS Works for you?

On every aspect of your sitution,
That's why There is TP Mortgage Services #

When you apply a business mortgage, your Business Plan will be required.

TPMS will help you.

Home Equity Mortgage, Second Mortgage

Home Equity Mortgage, Home Equity Line Mortgage

Home equity loans allow you to borrow against your home’s value over the amount of any mortgages against the property. A home equity loan is a type of second mortgage using your home as security. Your first mortgage is the one you used to purchase the property, but you can use additional loans to borrow against the home if you've built up enough equity.

You can take a large lump sum of cash up front and repay the loan over time with fixed monthly payments. This is an amortizing loan.

You might also be approved for a home equity line of credit (HELOC) for a maximum amount available and only borrow what you need from that amount. This option allows you to borrow multiple times after you get approved.

Second (2nd) Mortgage, Third (3rd) Mortgage

A second mortgage is a lien on a property which is subordinate to a more senior mortgage or loan. Called lien holders positioning, the second mortgage falls behind the first mortgage.

A second mortgage allows you to use any equity you have in your home as security against another loan. It means you will have two mortgages on your home. Second mortgage rates are typically lower than credit card interest rates, but they're often slightly higher than your first mortgage rate.

To qualify for a conventional loan on a second home, you will typically need to meet higher credit score, depending on the lender.

Personal Loan

Personal Loan is ideal for borrowing for a specific purpose or purchase. The loan amount will be depending on your situation. It will be paid within a set period of time and set a specific monthly payment amounts for making it easier to budget.

The lending criteria for a personal loan requires that:
You are a Canadian resident who has reached the age of majority (18 years for Ontario)
You haven’t declared bankruptcy within the last 7 years
Your certain minimum income will be required (annually)
Other conditions may apply.
You’ll be asked to provide your bank account numbers, credit card numbers and financial information (assets, financial obligations and income).

How TPMS Works for you?

On every aspect of your sitution,
That's why There is TP Mortgage Services #

For your personal loan, you may be required your current income proof and recent NOA.

TPMS will help you.

New Comer and New Canadian

Are you a first time home buyer?
Are you a new immigrant to Canada?
Are you a student, a worker or visitor in Canada?
Whether you are a young adult finally going for a mortgage of your own, a person that’s been renting and finally going for the first home ownership, or a new immigrant that is looking for a home for the first time in Canada, we can help.
1. Preparation
A. Learn the basics of how mortgage works
B. Save your down payment
C. Find out how much you can afford

2. Shopping and Hunting
A. House hunting
B. Make an offer

3. Buy your home
A. Get the keys

How TPMS Works for you?

On every aspect of your sitution,
That's why There is TP Mortgage Services #

For New Comer or New Canadian, Of Course, you can get mortgage and loan.

TPMS will help you.
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